High Bridge Stables

Horse Retirement Boarding in the Heart of Virginia



 Our retirees live out their days in large, green pastures and small herds. We understand that each horse is unique and offer individualized care to meet the needs of each horse that comes to our 40-acre farm in Central Virginia.

We boast automatic heated waterers, our newly installed safe centaur fencing, run-in sheds in each field, as well as stabling options. We provide all of our horses daily checks, grooming, fly spray, weather-appropriate blanketing, weekly pictures and more...

Field Board

Field boarded horses are turned out 24/7 unless need should arise for medication, vet, farrier, etc.  
-Constant supervision with fields visible from staff housing 

-Small group turnout in large pastures

-Individual turnout available

-Up to three weeks lay-up included if needed

-Wormer 4x per year

-Blanketing at owner's request

-Grain 2x daily 

-Grooming 2x per month 

-Salt block with mineral 

-Automatic heated waterers 

-Quality hay 

-Fly Spray 

-Access to a run-in shed

-Pictures upon arrival and weekly!

*Please contact us for rates and availability. 

Stall Board

Stall boarded horses can have programs customized to fit their needs.

-12'x12'  Oak stalls with mats and fans

-Fresh Water

-Quality Hay

-Daily stall cleaning

-Fly spray

-Blanketing upon owner's request

-Stalls visible from staff housing

-Grooming 2x weekly

-Salt and mineral

-Grain 2x daily

-Wormer 4x per year

-No holding fee for vet, farrier, etc.

-Turnout options ranging from individual to group turnout

-Pictures upon arrival and weekly!

*Please contact us for rates and availability. 


More About High Bridge Stables

High Bridge Stables is a premier horse boarding facility in the heart of Virginia. We offer full-care board and specialize in caring for horses that have been retired from their former careers. These horses have given so much and we strive to provide them with the love and care they deserve. 

High Bridge Stables is owned by Anne Tyler and Adam Paulek. Anne Tyler grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and has ridden, coached and trained for years. Adam grew up on a farm in Iowa and is a ceramics professor at Longwood University. 

Our farm runs along the Appomattox River and the High Bridge Trail, offering a private, beautiful atmosphere for your horse to enjoy. Please contact us for availability or to schedule a tour!


Rental cabins are available next door should you wish to visit your horse! https://www.highbridgelodgeandcabins.com


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